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NEWS - Website and Logo update for Piemonte Property

Some layout adjustments and a new logo for Piemonte-Property.com


Website and Logo update for Piemonte Property

June 2014
Richard Edwards
NEWS - Website and Logo update for Piemonte Property

You may have noticed a few changes to our Website - some layout adjustments and a new logo. I'm never happy with layout and always feel some tweaking is necessary. So, there are a few changes especially on the home page such as the 'Featured Property' bar and putting the content right across the page rather than in columns. I also put some drop down java menus on the navigation buttons rather than having a separate menu in the left column.

Now, the logo was long overdue for a revamp. I hated the old one and as I have a son in graphic design college there really was no excuse to keep putting up with it. We needed something modern, distinctive and that represents the area in one way or another. So we have a circle with leaves.. the leaves because we work in a very natural area. It's only about nature - no cities or bustling towns for us. The two colours represent green of Spring and Summer and the orange our favourite season - Autumn.

So, although there are several real estate agents and brokers with similar names we hope we'll continue to stand out, not only because of a new logo or a Website which we constantly get compliments for, but because we can offer the best possible service to anyone looking for a home in this beautiful area in which we live and work.