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Frequently Asked Questions by those wishing to buy a home in Piemonte Italy - property estate agents

Buying property Piedmont Italy. Diano d'Alba - copyright-Richard Edwards Piemonte Property


Here are typical questions we are asked by people wishing to buy homes in Piedmont Italy.

Why should I use Piemonte Property?

We have considerable success and we know this is due to several things including efficient working, honesty (we wont lie or mislead to sell a house) and by giving genuine care to all of our clients. We've been operating since 2005 and have lived in italy since 2002. We understand the market, property values and what the potential problems are.

NOTE: using us wont cost you any more than if you were to buy from an agent without our help.

Will you be showing me houses I really don't want to see?

No!! We listen. Once we understand your brief we'll only show you, along with the real estate agent, houses you want to see.

Do you have more properties than on your Web site?

Yes. We don't display everything we know about and new homes come in weekly. And some agents and owners will not allow their properties to be displayed on a Website. Please let us know what you are looking for and we will find it.

Is Piemonte Property an estate agency?

No, we are a consultancy and broker that works in the field of property. We work only with reputable real estate agents, ensuring everything goes well with the entire process. This makes a huge difference when buying.


How much real estate commission do I have to pay?

It's usually 3% (plus 22% VAT) so 3.66% of the sale price of the house. This is paid on the first contract. Prices on our Website do not include this commission. The commission is paid directly to the real estate agent - you don't pay us anything!

Buying in Piedmont Italy

Will buying a property be a nightmare?

No. Make a check-list of all you have to do and keep asking questions. The best advice too, is to be patient. Italy is not as slow as some think but things do take time. We can't always have all the answers immediately.

Can I pay a deposit and put off buying the house a few months?

Yes, but it really depends on the seller.

Do I have to be present for the signing of the compromesso?

No, the agent can do it by email.

Do I have to be present for the signing of the property deeds?

No, you don’t have to be but you would have to go to the Italian Consult in your country to set up a delegation. Also, the notary here has to be informed.

Can you set up a bank account for me?

You must be here in person to do that. If you are working with us we will be happy to assist.

Can you get the Codice Fiscale for us?

You must have your tax code (Codice Fiscale). You need to be here in person to get it or from your local Italian consulate. We can help if you are buying a property with us.

Do I need a solicitor?

Yes, you must have the notary - he does everything. Other than this you don’t need a specialist solicitor.

Can I get a mortgage in Italy?

Yes, we can recommend an excellent English-speaking broker here in Italy. Click here to contact a mortgage consultant.

Grinzane Cavour castle Langhe Piedmont - photo by Richard Edwards Piemonte Property 2010

How do I exchange my Pounds/Dollars into Euros?

You can save thousands on your new property by getting the best exchange rate. We can help with this. We work with several companies that can contact you and offer their excellent service and exchange rates.

After You Buy

Can you arrange building work and oversight of the work?


If I buy a property with vineyards or hazelnut orchards, can you arrange for a farmer to care of them?


Can I get house insurance?

Yes. We can recommend a company for this.

If I buy a property as a holiday home can you arrange for someone to care for the garden, clean, etc?

Yes, we know English speaking people in the area that can work for you.

Do I have to worry about the house being broken into when I’m not there?

Crime is very low in the countryside areas. We have yet to hear of a house being burgled but a good level of security is normal here.

Do I need to speak Italian before I move?

It’s advisable that you get at least a basic idea of the language. Without it you can easily misunderstand or be misunderstood. Most Italians will be patient with you and will be happy you’re trying.

Is it a straight-forward process to get Visas and Residency?

It isn’t so bad. We can recommend someone that speaks English to accompany you to the necessary offices. Recent changes have made it much easier for EU citizens!

Can I use my own car (for example a UK registered car) in Italy?

Yes. The law states you have to register the car within car 12 months of it being here but this law in not usually enforced. Just be sure you have the necessary insurance cover.

Can I get a car from my own country registered in Italy?

Yes. You will need the help of a specialist agency. We can recommend someone to help you with this. It's not complicated.


Piedmont region. Property for sale. Photo Richard Edwards - copyright2010

About the Piedmont Region

Do the locals mind foreigners moving into their region?

They love it. When we moved in, the neighbours joined together and bought us a welcoming gift! They love the idea of ‘new blood’ and are usually very helpful and welcoming. They also love the idea of old buildings being renovated.

Is there good rental potential in the Langhe and Monferrato?

Yes, the season is very long – around May to October. There is a particular need for self-catering accommodation. A 6 bedroom house with pool in fetch €3000 a week, from Easter until the end of October. Please read this.

What’s the weather like?

Excellent. The winters are real but not the same humidity as in north Europe which feels much colder. The warm weather starts around April (15C), May around 20C, June – August 28-35C, September and October are very pleasant. It doesn’t get unbearable like Tuscany and because of the real winter it doesn’t turn to desert like Puglia!

Owning a House in Piemonte

Can I get English/American TV in the region?

Yes, for about 120 euro you can buy a ‘FreeView’ dish and receiver. That’s all it costs – no monthly charge. We get all the BBC channels ITV,1,2,3,4, Sky News, CNN, etc. With a larger dish you can get more channels or pay monthly SkyTV for sports and movie channels.

What is the voltage of home electricity?

220 volts, as in the rest of Europe but not as in the USA. All electrical appliances will work here that are from the rest of Europe. Just keep in mind that plugs are different to the UK. Electrical equipment is not necessarily more expensive here – just shop around.

Is there a form of council (yearly) tax?

Yes, it’s called L'IMU. It depends on the size of the house and land but expect to typically pay 500 euro a year.

What other yearly costs are there?

Apart for electricity and maybe gas there is the rubbish collection tax (garbage) – this is calculated according to the size of your house – expect around 150 euro a year. TV licence is 100 euro a year (you have to have one if you have a TV, even if you are not insane enough to watch Italian TV). Water is not expensive – around 200 euro per year.

When you first buy you need to get new contracts made (gas, electricity, water). There’s typically a charge of around 40 – 80 euros from the service providers.