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About Piemonte Property

Helping you realise a dream of owning a beautiful home in Piedmont Italy!


The Right Kind of Help

Piemonte Property is owned by Richard Edwards.
'We have built an excellent reputation, a vast knowledge of the property market and of life in the region'.

Richard Edwards, the owner of Piemonte Property, is British (born in London) and has lived and worked in Italy for 12 years, prior to this he ran his own company in Bath, Somerset UK. He's passionate about beautiful and historic houses, wine, Italian sports cars, photography and travel..

+39 0173 971405
Cel/Mobile: +39 346 1214077
Email: richard@piemonte-property.com

Address: Frazione Saretto 5, 14010 - Cisterna d'Asti, Italy

The assurance you have is that we:

  • know the entire process of purchasing & work closely with reputable estate agents
  • live and work in the region and that Piemonte Property is registered company in Italy
  • personally view and photograph every property we have
  • have a network of contacts including necessary professionals
  • will do all we can to make the experience a perfect one!

What our clients say about us

T.F. United Kingdom
"We found Piemonte Property totally professional and with their knowledge of the Piemonte area, they were extremely helpful in locating the perfect house for us."

C.H. Monaco, San Marino
"Buying in Italy could appear to be daunting task however this was not our experience thanks to the assistance of Piemonte Property and the kindness and patience of Richard. Each step of our purchase was straightforward and it seemed that there was always an answer to any of our questions. We needed a foreign mortgage... an architect... a builder... Each person that we were introduced to have been efficient and reliable. All in all we have been amazed and extremely happy with out incredibly positive experience. Had we had to "go it alone" I cannot imagine that it would have been this easy!"

J.M. United Kingdom
"On our visit to Piedmont we saw houses with a number of different agents but we found Richard so helpful and kind. We just wished we would have gone straight to them first! We found the perfect house with no nonsense, fuss or problems. Piemonte Property did a brilliant job for us. Highly recommended!"

S.W. Milan, Italy
"We have lived in Milan for 13 years and have been looking on and off for a property for the last 10, but it was only when we met Richard at Piemonte Property that we finally felt comfortable enough to take the plunge.

Other agents will keep property on their Web sites that has been long sold to entice you to their region to show you houses nothing like your brief…. Nor will all the truth come out unless specific questions are asked – we know Italian and understand the purchase process so we knew what to ask, but I pity the unsuspecting foreigner who doesn’t. We also tried other agents, some German, some Swiss and were put off by the pressure to buy and their attempts to discredit their rivals.

With Richard it doesn’t work like that. You have a question? He’ll answer it quickly and fully. You want to buy a house that he has some doubts over? He’ll tell you why and in great detail (and on investigation he’ll turn out to be right) You want clarity on cost, processes, mortgages, loans? All the info cheerfully provided by return email, nothing too much to ask and unpleasant news never hidden.

I admit it has been easier for us because we do speak the language and have our own contacts, but even with these you need someone on your side – and I thoroughly recommend Piemonte Property for their speed, honesty, humour and in-depth knowledge of the market. They’ll even help you with finalising issues post-sale, if you need it… how much more could you ask?"

D.T. England
''To anyone considering buying in Italy, we would personally recommend 'Piemonte Property'. Richard found us the perfect house & took all the hassle out of the buying process. All our questions & concerns were answered and everything was translated into English, it went through without a hitch !''

G.W. England
"Piemonte Property offers a very professional & personal service, and guides you through all the potential problems and pitfalls of buying it Italy. We found our ideal property easily and quickly with them, and would recommend their service to anyone considering a purchase in the Piemonte region."

S.K. Denmark
"After inspecting more than 50 houses in Piedmont during the past two years, where we met the majority of the regions real-estate agencies, we got in contact with Richard Edwards. Quickly Richard found our dream house, and throughout the whole buying process he has been competent, fair, trustworthy and helpful in every respect. Compared to the many other agencies we have met, Richard (Piemonte Property) belongs to the very best."